Sun Valley Mark

File Under: Pro Bono Work
This mark was created during a project that I worked on with a non-profit, called, Denver Food Rescue. The organization has set up 13 No Cost Grocery Programs around the Denver metro area. People in need can come to these locations and take home fresh fruits, veggies, and other food items. I created this mark to show how we could leverage design to create an identity for these locations. In doing so, we could bring awareness to the programs, and further the mission of The Denver Food Rescue–which is to increase access to healthy food in low income areas.

The Flower Collective Icons

Work created while at Cast Iron Design. Art direction by Jonny Black and Richard Roche
The Flower Collective is a craft cannabis company based in Nederland, Colorado. Their mission is to create quality products with simple ingredients and no junk. To Illustrate this, I helped to create 12 icons that correspond to the 12 steps in their process. These icons are used across various marketing materials to help the conscious consumer understand what makes TFC’s products great.

Collection of Marks and Icons

Work created for a variety of clients, friends, and personal projects.
Designing a mark or an icon is both challenging and rewarding. There’s something special about distilling ideas down into a simple and memorable mark. The most successful marks and icons usually start as chicken scratch on a piece of paper, and with a bit of love, they fly the coop and flourish out in the world.